Prepare for the rainy season with roof awnings

Posted on Feb 24th, 2015

Prepare for the rainy season with roof awnings

Long days and sunny skies are coming to an end, and the dreary rain clouds are just looming over the horizon.  That’s right, the autumn and winter seasons are just ahead.  However, this does not mean you should just hibernate indoors for months on end.  Open up your backyard and spruce it up with our top-quality roof awnings, which can have you enjoying the fresh air whilst still protecting you from the elements.

Don’t let the rain keep you in

You’ve got a great backyard and a great party going on.  But because of the rain, everyone’s all cramped up inside your house and it’s only getting stuffier and stuffier.  Be ahead of the curve and don’t let that happen with one of our roof awnings.  Our waterproof roof awnings are a great option for providing cover against rain.   Retractable roof awnings are especially good for patios and decks as they are made from lightweight materials, and thus are capable of greater reach.  You can also wow your guests as you expand and retract your awning at a press of button (or turn of the wheel).

Fixed-type roof awnings while ideal for only small areas, will also be a great addition to your home.  Say it’s pouring rain and you’ve got a guest waiting at your door.  Well now he’s dripping wet and now you’ve got a mess to clean up as he steps inside.  With a roof awning above your door, your guest could’ve been waiting happily outside your door for as long you want.  Likewise, fixed roof awnings above your windows can finally allow you to open your windows during the rain, without worrying about the place getting completely drenched.

For cafes and restaurants, roof awnings will also be invaluable for expanding your shop front.

Adapt to the weather

With retractable roof awnings, you can be ready for any type of weather.  Whether it is sunny, windy or raining, retractable roof awnings will have you covered.  Like its name suggests, retractable roof awnings are able to vary the amount of cover it provides.  If you want to spend some time to relax outside, you can extend it out fully.  If you just want to leave the door or windows open for some fresh air, you can just partially extend it.  Or if you’re out for a holiday, you can leave it fully retracted.  The last is especially valuable as while most retractable roof awnings have waterproof fabrics, it probably isn’t the best to test it against tougher weather such as hail.  At that instance, you can just fully retract your awning and keep it nice and safe.

Winter can be trendy too

Get into the spirit of the season and spruce up your yard via the plethora of customization options available to our roof awnings.  Match your roof awnings with your décor and create an autumn or winter-themed backyard that will leave your friends impressed.

Regardless which type of roof awning you have or desire, there are multiple ways to customize it to how you want.  For retractable roof awnings, there are multiple materials, colours, and designs that you can choose from.  For fixed roof awnings, there’s the above as well as different frame designs and awning shapes, including Slope, Crescent, Waterfall, Dome, and Ornamental.  With our roof awnings, the sky is limit for how you want to personalize it.