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Is your alfresco area looking a little dull? Does your outdoor area need shade? Wanting to protect your interiors from the harsh Australian sun yet still keep your home stylish? These are simple needs that Awnings Melbourne have the solution.

Awnings Melbourne are a leading supplier of the highest quality awnings, we service throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas. We stock only the highest quality brands this country has to offer, and all our products are made to withstand the harsh Australian Climate. When you are looking for stylish, affordable and uncompromising quality, we are the right choice for you.

At Awnings Melbourne we deal in a vast range of designs and styles that provide shading and add a sleek and modern décor to any home or business.

Our range of Awnings include:

With the high quality awnings for both residential and commercial buildings throughout Melbourne and with our vast collection of designs, colours and styles, we will create the ultimate shade solution for your home.

We are the best choice for you when it comes to styling your home or business and its outdoor areas. Whether you require a retractable awning system for your alfresco, courtyard, dining area or deck, or are in need of a custom made roof system that meets the requirement for your restaurant, bar, or any other commercial project.

We have you covered with a range of durable and beautifully designed outdoor and indoor shading systems to help you make the most of your outdoor or indoor area. We combine the best in design, functionality and architectural style, we provide attractive and practical solutions that will cater to all your awning needs.

Ideal Performance

At Awnings Melbourne we all know how relentless the weather in Melbourne can be. It is no mystery that wind and rain can have a detrimental impact on your windows, and the harsh Australian sun and heat may even cause discolouration and damage your furniture inside of your property. For awnings that can withstand any element that Mother Nature throws at it, we provide the toughest and strongest awnings in Melbourne.

Rooftop and patio awnings are the most ideal way of preventing solar heat increase in your home or business by stopping the heat before it reaches your windows. With our modern designed rooftop and patio awnings you are now able to create a beautifully shaded outdoor area that’s perfect for a BBQ with friends and family.

At Awnings Melbourne our products block the sun and the impact it has on your interior yet still giving your home or business a stylish appearance. We only work with highest quality materials with supreme durability, lasting for years. We have a variety of designs and different assemblies in stock to suit your Melbourne home or business and provide you with what you are looking for in our products.

Our Awnings are designed and manufactured to control harmful rays and glare, with a collection of awnings that provide uninterrupted views and cool breezes yet still protecting you and your home from the cold rain or intense heat Awnings Melbourne are your high quality shade solutions.

A versatile range of Awnings

At Awnings Melbourne you can get anything you need when it comes to comfortable external shading. We have a wide range of awnings available for many different uses. Awnings can either be hand operated, motorized or controlled from inside your home. The range we have is not only popular, but easy to use and affordable.

With numerous colours, combinations and options like our folding arm awnings, motorised awnings and conservatory awnings the choices will seem endless. Our awnings are skillfully made to suit any home or business.

With our adaptable awnings you will never have to choose between comfort and appearance because we manufacture awnings that are both versatile and attractive for any Melbourne home or business. Our awnings are designed to fit a range of atmospheres and environments our awnings also give maximum protection and privacy.

At Awnings Melbourne for your convenience we also provide motorized awnings and retractable awnings. This kind of versatility means we can cater to any customer to help with their awning desires. No matter what kind of awnings you are looking for we can provide the ultimate solution in both shading and style. It is our goal to find the awning that best fits your home or business.

World Class Customer Service

From business organizations to private living, Awnings Melbourne provide products that are flexible to any Melbourne property holder whether it be residential or commercial. We are skilled in catering to the needs of our customers, and provide a collection of awnings to match the desired designs, shapes, sizes, and patterns our clients are searching for.

At Awnings Melbourne we understand that when you buy awnings you’re not only trying to create privacy or keep the sun out, you’re also adding value to your home. That’s why our sales consultant are always focused on adding value for our customers.

We also give our customers the choice of visiting our showroom to increase their knowledge on the diverse varieties of sizes, styles and designs we have available or to make things more convenient for you we can have one of our qualified mobile consultants go to your home or business to advise you on the awnings that best suit you and your property.

We have been in business for many years, and we pride ourselves on providing Melbourne and the surrounding areas with high quality service and products that meet the needs of our clients. By providing our customers with the necessary help they may require, you can be certain that our highly trained and experienced staff will be able to find the right awnings for your property.

Priding ourselves on Quality and Affordability

At Awnings Melbourne we understand how difficult it can be to find a suitable awning that incorporates style, quality and affordability in Melbourne. We want to make sure that we can provide our customers with quality products in both style and performance at an affordable price. By combining unbeatable prices and the highest quality products we are the leading company in Melbourne when it comes to awnings.

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