Retractable Awnings Give You Choices 


There are many reasons for an awning for your patio or deck with too many hot days in the glaring sun trying to enjoy yourself with friends and family the main reason. Or, maybe you are tired of burning yourself when you go to sit on your lounge chair that is part of that well-furnished set you worked so hard for. Maybe parties just aren’t the same as everyone running for cover from the heat. The comfort and appeal of a patio or deck awning are undeniable. The investment alone is one that offers wonderful seasonal enjoyment. Retractable awnings are an investment, but they make the exterior living space that you can enjoy.

More than One Reason

An exterior canopy is an addition to the exterior of your home. With an outdoor awning you are able to enjoy your outdoor space through many season- the hottest of summer days and a winter barbecue that would be a real sport for the guys who are the die-hard barbecuers. You don’t have to worry about burns from the UV rays of the sun, nor do you have to worry about sleet the size of a baseball landing on you. You still enjoy the fresh air and the luxury of your patio or deck. Awnings are constructed of water resistant, fabric materials and are built to be durable to withstand weather elements. The nice feature of retractable awnings is when the weather elements are strong you simply retract the awnings to ensure their safety. Or, when the day is perfect, and you want its full effects, you simply retract the awning.

Personal Preference

Retractable awnings can be fitted for specific areas. Suppose you want to shelter the entire deck from the glaring sun, or just around your eating area. Retractable Awnings are come in all types of shapes and sizes. And, because they block the sun and heat they help the interior of the home to be more energy efficient. That sun that won’t stop beating on the kitchen window, heating the entire home. With an exterior retractable awning, the heat won’t be hitting the window, causing you to continually lower the temperature of the air conditioner.

Retractable awnings can be considered window treatments. The awnings fit on the exterior of a home and guard areas from exposure to the sun, rain, heat, etc. They also protect furnishings and carpets. Weather elements no longer penetrate the outdoor or indoor furniture, avoiding sun bleaching and warping. Patio awnings are a preferred choice over an interior shade simply because they don’t heat the window glass on a window up or the aluminum on a door. And, it is not just interior comfort they provide. They also provide comfort while you are outside.

More Options

Retractable patio awnings are easy to open and close. A far cry over manual canopies that take time and effort to open and close. With a stationary canopy homeowners don’t have the convenience of deciding they’d like to stargaze without having to roll up the canopy. With a retractable canopy, you simply grab the remote and retract the awning. Just as if there are weather elements that require the canopy to be rolled up- the wind is strong, the rain is powerful, there is a terrible snowstorm, etc. With retractable awnings, you don’t have to get out in those weather conditions to roll up your awning, simply retract it with the remote from indoors.


Awnings come in all different types of patterns and colours so that a property owner can match their awning to the exterior of their home. You can have the awning fitted for different effects like a steep shadow for increased protection by pitching down the awning or a perfectly perpendicular. You will want a professional to help you to choose the right design of your home.

Exterior awnings for the patio and deck can be motorised or manual, depending on the features you’d like in an awning. Motorised awnings are state of the art awnings that are a bit more expensive, but well worth the investment. Many of the models come with indoor switches and remote controls, so there is never a problem with having to go outside to tend to your awning when weather conditions are bad.

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