Retractable Roof Awnings Melbourne

Functionality and Style

Australians love the outdoors but it’s often too hot, too cold or too wet. Let’s imagine you have friends over and are hosting a BBQ in your backyard on a beautiful sunny day. All of a sudden it starts to rain. With the flick of a switch your retractable roof will provide 100% protection from the rain so you can continue to entertain your guests until the shower passes.

Retractable Roof Awnings

Creating a stylish atmosphere outdoors is as important as a comfortable interior, this applies to private as well as commercial spaces such as cafes, bars and restaurants. At Awnings Melbourne we have a very good range of retractable roof awnings for large areas in eye catching designs and beautifully engineered systems.

At Awnings Melbourne our retractable roofs offer full protection against sun, wind and rain to create a stunning outdoor living space, when it comes to combining functionality and style we are the expert to turn to.

Our products combine a high quality finish with modern styling, and are suitable for any taste, as well as any type of outdoor structure. Choose from a wide selection of frame and fabric colours and you can guarantee your retractable roof awning will be the perfect addition to your property.

Our retractable roof awnings are only made from high quality material ensuring lasting quality no matter what Melbourne’s weather brings its way. When retracted, the fabric remains completely protected inside the awning box.

Retractable roof awnings are the Ideal solution for large commercial projects or small residential applications. As it is not a fixed roof there is more flexibility with requirement and seasons and with various models available, we offer numerous design options.

Features we offer you when you get your Retractable Roof Awning with us:

  • 100% waterproof, High Wind Rating & Fully Retractable.
  • Ideal for all commercial or high quality residential applications.
  • Integrated design options to match site specific requirements.
  • Design, Engineer & construct custom support structures.
  • Timber, Steel, and or Aluminium support structures available.
  • Dramatically reducing air conditioning & energy consumption.
  • Manual or motorised operation, including hand-held remotes.
  • Automation options include; sun, wind & rain sensors options.
  • Integrated Gutters, Heating, Lighting, & Outdoor Blind systems.

Contact our staff today and hear more about the great offers that we have on retractable roof awnings. You’ll be surprised at the low and affordable prices you are quoted. Awnings Melbourne also provides a variety of other awnings, including roof awnings and rooftop awnings.

Expert Assistance

At Awnings Melbourne we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality service, applying our expertise and knowledge to assist you in your retractable roof awning options. At Awnings Melbourne we give you the options to bring us a sample of the colours in your home or business that you wish to incorporate and a helpful representative from our team will be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect match.

For a stylish outdoor entertaining area look no further than Awnings Melbourne. Impress your family and friends with one of our quality built retractable roof awnings. We have consistently grown our business on the values of exceptional customer service and quality of workmanship using only the finest materials. Our retractable roof awnings can add value, living space and a stunning architectural effect to your home. You no longer need to worry if it rains during your barbecue, not while you have a quality retractable roof awning above your deck automatically closing to keep you and your guests snug and dry during those annoying summer showers. Enjoy the perfect climate at the touch of a button with the Awnings Melbourne innovative retractable roof awnings.

We don’t believe that protection from the elements needs to come at an over the top price. This is why we have set fair prices for our customers, and when you look around at all the other companies in Melbourne, you’ll realise just how competitive we truly are.

Quality, Durability, Sustainability, Experience, Training and Expert Assistance, these are just some of the reasons why you should choose Awnings Melbourne for your next retractable roof awning project. Our awnings system can be easily adapted to a range of designs and buildings and can be installed on existing timber or aluminium structures to give protection immediately.

When doing business with us, you are dealing with a team of agents who look out for your best interest. We take pride in knowing that we can assist home-owners in updating their homes with the addition of a retractable roof awning that will look good for years to come. Don’t settle for just any retractable roof awning. Allow our experienced staff assist you in finding the perfect retractable roof awning for you and your home.

Awnings Melbourne is proof that you can have a high quality retractable roof awning added to your home at a price that is as attractive and affordable! Our expert staff know that that budgets vary which is why we’ve ensured that our business is one that caters to both larger budgets and restricted ones. Offer your home the protection it needs while keeping your wallet intact.

For quality retractable roof awnings, call us now at 02 9806 8002!


  • Awnings Melbourne did a wonderful job installing our new awnings. They gave us a great deal.Sam