Rooftop Awnings Melbourne

A wide variety of rooftop awnings

A little bit of sun is enough to turn any verandah, pergola or conservatory into saunas. Sweltering heat and burning sun can make anyone feel extremely uncomfortable. Awnings Melbourne offers a pleasing shade at the touch of a button. Sunlight all year round is the most important factor that turns an enjoyable room into a favourite one. No matter the style room, whether it’s a classic conservatory, glass covered veranda or pergola, our rooftop awnings will regulate the influx light and heat that brightens your winter and cools your summer.

Rooftop Awnings Melbourne

Whether fitted internally or externally, whether the area is large or small, whether the roof is hipped or asymmetrical, the versatility and outstanding quality of our range of roof top awnings can meet the needs of any customer. Our rooftop awnings can keep the sun and rain off by fitting a variety of different awnings. Our customers can choose from advance motorised roof top awning designs that can be mounted on top or a manual spring operated system, operated by hand or by winding a winch.

The highest standards and uniqueness of our products are proof of our commitment to provide only the finest quality rooftop awnings. Our advanced technology and quality material create products that leave no wish unfulfilled. With a wide variety of beautiful designs and materials to choose from and frames available in a wide range of powdercoat colours it is no surprise that Awnings Melbourne are the leading suppliers of architecturally beautiful and durable rooftop awnings.

At Awnings Melbourne we can assure comfort, durability and style. Whether you need to ease the midday heat or watch a breath-taking sunset from your veranda or pergola, Awnings Melbourne will make this possible with a rooftop awning installation.

Our rooftop awnings are designed to shade a broad range of areas including glass conservatory roofs, verandas, balconies, pergola structures, angled & vertical glass facades, open spaces and also to enclose outdoor undercover areas such as poolside courtyards and BBQ areas. A rooftop awnings installations can lend you instant protection from the elements and add months of use to your outdoor patio or pergola for your family to enjoy.

Transform your outdoor living area with one of our value for money rooftop awnings. To discuss our wide range of rooftop awning solutions call us today!

Advanced technology and quality materials

Rooftop awnings are a proven way to get cool shade and pleasant ambient lighting to your outdoor spaces. With our many years of experience, specialised training and know how, we are experts when it comes to the sale and installation of rooftop awnings. Our reliable, advanced technology as well as high-class materials and first rate workmanship ensure our rooftop awnings remain in place for years to come and turn any outdoor living space into a highly functional work of art. Our rooftop awnings offer exterior sun protection in flat or curved applications, high wind resistance, sturdy self-supporting frames and the highest quality anticorrosion componentry for greater rust resistance.

Our rooftop awnings are specifically designed to repel hot sun from any type of conservatory, pergola or outdoor construction. Along with the heat reduction, our rooftop awnings regulate the frequency of light, which prevents the discolouring of your furniture, curtains and wallpaper. The space between the glass and our rooftop awnings allow good air circulation so that heat is carried away before it accumulates helping to regulate the internal temperature of your outdoor area.

Our rooftop awnings are designed and manufactured for Australian conditions, reducing heat and maximizing air flow underneath external pergolas on patios, verandahs or courtyards. Especially for glass, alsonite, or colourbond covered pergolas, our rooftop awnings can reduce heat by up to 20% making the difference between an uncomfortable or pleasant environment.
We offer a complete range of rooftop awnings and can recommend the correct model and design choice for your outdoor space. With the use of advanced materials and technology we are also able to provide motorised conservatory awnings, these quality systems will offer timeless protection from excessive heat and harmful radiation at the touch of a button.

Key features of our rooftop awnings:

  • High quality runner system ensures an almost noiseless operation
  • Rounded headbox, runners and front rail to match for timeless effect
  • Powder coating options to match existing frameworks
  • Optional sun, wind, rain and motion sensors for the ultimate comfort
  • Corrosion resistant

So that you can enjoy the use of your favourite spot in the shade without a care, our rooftop awnings have been tested against every condition including uv ray exposure, wind speeds and more to ensure your rooftop awning is sturdy and durable.

If you think a rooftop awning is best suited to your outdoor space and would like expert advice then give us a call today. Simply book a no obligation free measure and quote and you can be one step closer to creating a beautiful and functional outdoor living space that will cause the envy of friends and family.


  • Awnings Melbourne did a wonderful job installing our new awnings. They gave us a great deal.Sam